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Spike Asia 2010 Finalist


To promote the New Ziploc Easy Zipper storage bag with Fresh Shiled in a new, cost-effective and surprising way.


To capture the attention of consumers who take freshness seriously (especially mothers that dine out with the family during weekend), we went to fresh seafood restaurants where customers choose their seafood fresh from aquariums. We then fabricated replicas of New Ziploc Easy Zipper and stuck them onto the top of the fresh seafood aquariums thus replicating the effect of how fresh your food could be in a New Ziploc Easy Zipper bag.


The campaign managed to increase awareness and sales. It also helped position New Ziploc Easy Zipper as the top-of-mind storage bag to keep food fresh.

MY ROLE (Art Director)

• Concept & Ideation

• Design & Craft

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