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Everyone Sales


Another year, another sales campaign! This time Xpax has a special collaboration with Blackberry, with this in the bag, how are we going to get the consumer's attention?


We found out that our Target Audience likes a good bargain (not the cheap kind) they just don't want to pay extra because the item was in hot demand!

This latest sales campaign was launched base on shopper’s insight where they will go all out to hunt for the best deal, that’s how the camouflage idea was born. It was a full 360˚ campaign.


Client didn't share the actual numbers because of some P&C concern, but it seems not too bad as we managed to get the Datuk's compliment, the Manager praises and more projects coming in too! 

MY ROLE  (Art Lead)

• Concept & Ideation

• Art Direction

• Design & Craft

• Presentation

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