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Kolony Product Launch

A 1st of its kind product by Telco company Xpax, that enable youth without smart phone to experience the fun of social network, thru SMS!

Our primary challenge was to gain social credibility amongst Malaysian youths. This back-to-basics, low-tech SMS-based social network faced the risk of being looked down upon. So how did we introduce it as something cool & edgy?


We started a hoax. The idea was to create an outbreak that would "infect' people with intense curiosity and it would need to have a sense of bigness. And it all started with this unknow video.

This symbol in the video was first seeded via a selected group of influential bloggers. Patient Zero kits that contained mysteriously "censored" top-secret document were "leaked" to them by hired talents posing as Secret Agents.

Next came sightings of that symbol released as videos on YouTube, followed by an invasion on TV screens and newspaper. Adding sparks to the buzz were radio announcers who speculated on the mystery. The infection even spread into the public space. The curiosity and the hype skyrocketed!

The moment the talkability and anticipation hit the roof, the symbol was introduced, named KOLONY.


The response was overwhelming and within a month, millions of Malaysian youths signed up as active users!


Bronze Effie Award in 2011

MY ROLE  (Art Lead)

• Concept & Ideation

• Art Direction

• Design & Craft

• Presentation

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