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五谷磨房 WUGU:

5 Grains Rebranding

WuGu (五谷磨房), my first local client in China.


WuGu is kinda like a health supplement drink, their USP is that, instead of pre-pack everything from the factory & deliver up to the rack, raw grains was freshly grind on the spot of purchase. It was a well sorted health food since many locals has the phobia of getting fake artificial food.


Consumer are already very familiar with the brand, so our decision is to modernise instead of a major revamp, it is their first make-over after such a long time. We gave first priority to clarity and functionality, make it stand out in the clutter environment of the mall and fully utilise its fragrance smell of fresh grind grains to attract Consumer. Kinda like a Starbucks for... raw grains!


It was very fulfilling the moment I saw how Consumer interact around the stall in the Hypermarket. It was less clutter, Consumer can easily locate WuGu by the sharp yellow color after smelling the fragrance, and new packaging was lining up nicely to reinforce WuGu presence.


Sales profit as an end result, as told by my Account Director :) 

MY ROLE  (Creative Lead)

• Concept & Ideation

• Corporate Identity

• Art Direction - 3D & Visual

• Structure & Material

• Client Managing

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