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S.O.X. Drum & Dance


To engage the youth, between 12-18 years old, in a nationwide inter-school marching band and cheerleading competition.


We created a reality show online in the form of a webisode series. the performances were captured and edited to show a healthy sense of competition between teams. the teams would be featured in this online show, buying their 15 minutes of fame.

Audience participation was a key component of the campaign, where their SMS votes would determine the champions, in addition to the final scoring by official judges. tv, print and btls were used to drive traffic to the website.


S.O.X. all-stars drum & dance was a huge success amongst the youth. the traffic to s.o.x. facebook dramatically increased and was flooded with demands for the videos.

Comments and opinions concerning the various perfomances flooded the official website. sms votes skyrock- eted to 2.5million votes, which translated into major revenue for xpax.


Bronze Effie Award in 2010

MY ROLE  (Art Lead)

• Concept & Ideation

• Art Direction

• Event Team Crew

• Presentation

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