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Airport Out-Of-Store

A little background about the Brand itself:
Shui Jing Fang designs are inspired by the styles of New China, where authenticity meets modernity; classical meets contemporary. The Brand is supported by the brand's signature motifs: the hexagon and gingko symbols.

Our task: To develop a premium and inspiring SJF merchandising materials that drive up brand recognition & sales in HK, Beijing & Shanghai airport duty free shops.


Target: Mid 30-45 Asian (mostly from PRC)


Design concept - Leverage on hexagon-shape (the iconic identity of SJF) & 'Open-design' concept for majestic grandeur of SJF legacy - 2013 new campaign direction, Brotherhood, in asian form.

So we brought it back to the 'blood brothers' concept in the corporate world, the journey, the support, and the success.

Gentleman’s Lounge
As the name itself has said, it’s the gathering of the Elite. The rooftop is formed with an outer ring of a hexagon, and an inner ring of a big SJF’s disc-seal. The smaller inner hexagon is meant to replicate the effect of an open rooftop of a Chinese house, which also means Elites under one roof.


The 4 protruding side panels consist of different brotherhood KV for different variant of SJF’s wine. In the middle, that’s where the interaction will take place. Behind the Lounge table, you will see the 3D close-up virtual projection.

MY ROLE (Creative Lead)

• Concept & Ideation

• Consumer Insight

• Art Direction - 3D & Visual

• Structure & Material

• Presentation

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