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Acuvue Contact Lense

The biggest campaign that I'd lead in SSX, JJ is going to launch it across countries like China, HongKong, Korea, SEA, Australia, India and so on. It involved a joint cooperation between agencies like McCann Worldwide, RGA, Landor & so on.


Acuvue needed to rebrand itself to it's target group, although fairly advance in clinical R&D for its CL products, but the brand itself lacks life & emotion. Therefor, the campaign : Eyes as Natural as Nature was born. We had joint meetings and brainstorming workshops, and I take it as one of the most valuable experience that I'd ever have in my career, meeting great thinkers & working together with them, priceless~.

This are the visuals that we had develope specifically for Shopper Marketing usage. Let's see if you can notice the relevancy and idea behind it :)

MY ROLE (Art Director)

• Concept & Ideation

• Art Direction

• Photoshoot

• Design & Craft

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