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Cadbury Raya Festival

Cadbury Joyville, a magical place where joy creates chocolate and chocolate creates joy.


We don't always see it, but the spirit of the Joy World of Cadbury is so generous and playful that it sometimes over-flows into our real world, making us smile.


The Cadbury Raya Carnival serves as an execution idea that interprets the concept of Joyville. It takes the essence of Joyville and transforms it into something that Malaysians of all races and ages can relate to and link to moments of joy and happiness with friends and family - The Carnival / Funfair

This is further drilled down to a Hari Raya context with the use of traditional Raya elements and colors fused with the fun of a Carnival. So here I presents you: The Raya Go-Round with Cadbury.

MY ROLE (Creative Lead)

• Concept & Ideation

• Consumer Insight

• Art Direction - 3D & Visual

• Structure & Material

• Presentation

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